Release, Readjust and Reconnect™

Horses Healing Heroes™ provides heroes of all kinds a path towards healing. In a safe and beautiful, pastoral setting, our clients are helped to Release, Readjust and Reconnect.™

"The horse, with beauty unsurpassed, strength immeasurable and grace unlike any other, still remains humble enough to carry a man upon his back."       ~Amber Senti

Herd it Thru the Grapevines

Sunday, October 16, 9am-5pm

Horse Ride, Wine Tasting & BBQ rescheduled DUE to RAIN

Rescheduled for next Sunday, October 23, 2016, same time, place & fun.

If you purchased tickets for the event and cannot make the new date, your tickets will be good for "any" future Horse Ride & BBQ events.

Due to the date change, we have a few open spots for riders.

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For more information, contact us at 916-690-0853 or

PLEASE REMEMBER that this is a fund raising event to assist in covering some of our operating expenses in providing our services at no cost to our Veterans, LEO’s & First Responders. Events cost money to put on with tables, chairs, linens, glasses, wine, food, porta potties, music, licenses, printing, etc. some of which we will bear duplicate expenses due to the change of date. Ticket sales proceed go towards those expenses as we strive toward keeping the income and outgo on each event separate.

Refunds will cost the organization additional expenses as we pay processing fees to accept credit cards and at this stage the expenses already incurred plus refunds can put the event in the red. We ask, if possible, please refrain from requesting a refund and allow us to transfer your ticket to the next ride event which will be in late spring/early summer. We will have a priority list for those riders and you will receive the first notifications once the date and details have been determined.

An alternate option should you not be able to join us on Oct. 23rd is to turn your ticket purchase into a straight donation which allows you to write off the entire ticket price. Only about ½ of the ticket price is deductable as you receive value in exchange for the ticket (expenses listed above minus the ticket price).

Please reply as to:
( ) Riding on October 23, 2016
( ) Move to Priority List for next ride
( ) Apply to a straight donation (we will provide a donation receipt)
( ) Refund my ticket price

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"A horse is so incredibly healing, they help heal our hearts and souls when we are incapable of doing so ourselves."       ~Gin Wiltsen